Service & KitchenManagement Style— Leadership and Creating the Climate 餐饮部管理方式—领导和创造氛围

Management is not ascience. It is the art of balancing conflicting interests toachievea dynamic, highly motivated and profitable organization. A leader is not bornbut made. The primary qualities of good LEADERSHIP can be learned , by ensuringthat one own attitude is positive, considerate and goaloriented.Self-discipline in thought and behavior can lead to more effectivewaysof getting the most of your team and achieving the best results for the hotel.

1.Think About Your Thinking 思维方式
By learning to manageyour thinking, you can consciously shape your feelings and your perception ofthe opportunities you have for realizing your goals in your operation. Youshould always remember that you must understand how essential your role and attitude influence and affect the team spirit under stressful situation.

2.Be More Assertive 自信心
Make your opinion asuggestion to ease any tension. Be patient and persistent.Build respect based onhonesty and integrity. Speak with a soft voice, saying what you mean andmeaning what you say.

3.Build Better Self Esteem 自尊心
If you feel good aboutyourself, you will perform better. Everyone is creative,including you. Personalideas, however, may not always be the best and it is important to accept anduse the best ideas available.

4.Be a Self Starter 自我激励
Do not confusemotivation with action. Learn to enjoy yourself during the action and the workwill go easier, flowing positively. As your satisfaction increases, you becomemotivated.

5.Maintain Your Poise 确定目标
Set clear objectives oroutcomes for every meeting. Identify potential problems. Prepareyourself to act in a calm, measured manner. Build a positive climate andplan how you want to act.

6.Be Your Own Best Critic 自我批评
Do you want to improve?Self-criticism is essential. Learn from your mistakes. Your attitudeis the secret of your success. Become more aggressive in demandingbetter performances from yourself.

7.Be Proud of What You Do 自豪感
Do not allow your pridein your work to be eroded by other people. Ensure you feel good about whatyou do.

8.Work Smart 灵活工作
Set goals that make youstretch. Be prepared to put yourself under pressure.Focus on priorities andimportant issues. Focus your efforts to improve your performances.

9.Plan Your Daily Output 工作计划安排
Establish your mediumterm objectives. Devote time for planning.

10. Praise Good Work 工作成绩表扬
Be sincere. If peopledeserve praise, give it simply directly. Don't flatter.Praise motivatespeople, builds teamwork and cooperation.

Don't do the work forpeople. However, before being firm and sharp, be sure that training has beenas good as should have been. Guide them, be patient and encouraging.Remember, some people learn faster than others.

12.Listen to People When They Approach You 倾听
Listening is hard work.Usually, when we believe we are listening, we are thinking of what weintend to say next. Keep an open mind. Summarize but do not assume.

13.Involve Yourself in Hard Decisions and Difficult Problems 解决难题
Your involvement as aleader reassures the staff. Facilitate the process of bringing forth alloptions, address issues and concern and ensure all responsibilities andaccountabilities are made clear.

14.Take Time to Think Before Acting 三思而后行
1.Think first 2.Check your analysisagainst the actual situation 3.Implement yoursolution
1.先思考 2.根据实际状况检查分析情况 3.贯彻执行

15.Be Flexible But Firm Encourage your stafffor a frank discussion of goals, tactics and strategies. Do not change yourdirection without good reason.

16.Seek Respect, Not Friendship 赢得尊重而不是建立友谊
Avoid favoritism,suspicion and rivalries eroding work performance.What is important isthat people are confident you will treat them according to their performance intheir job and not according to how you feel about them.

17.Get Involve to Get Things Done 参与到工作中
You must be involvedwithout doing your people's job. Focus on the process.Inspire and guide indoing work.

18.Encourage People to Learn and Develop Themselves 鼓励员工自身发展
You must make yourstaff understand that they have greater potential than they realize. Encourage theperson, guide them to achieve their tasks.

19.Be Gracious with People but Ruthless with Plans, Problems and Priorities 对员工要亲切但是对计划和问题严格
Attack the problem notthe people. Be determined. Concentrate all your energies on key issues.

20.Pay Attention to Details 注意细节
Establish standards,set goals, guide your staff to achieve them. As a manager,you must manage thedetails of what your people do to ensure their performance is up tostandards

21.Be Professional 专业
Do not bring personalissues to work. Maintain a professional attitude at alltimes whencommunicating with both internal and external customers.